How do I know if my ex boyfriend has moved on?

Published: 13th July 2010
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How do I know if my ex boyfriend has moved on?
Have you lost your boyfriend and feeling sad, knowing that you might have lost the love of your life forever? Are you eating all the ice cream you can, listening to all the sad songs and watching all the romance movies while asking yourself "will I be alone forever"? Are all of your girlfriends telling you to move on, while you want to give your relationship one more go and see if you can get your boyfriend back?
One of the things that women don't understand about men is that they think extremely different than women when they are sad. Women always feel the need to talk about their problems and current issues to their friends, colleges, family members and who ever might listen to them.
On the other hand men, don't feel the need to talk about their problems and even if they ever do, they will only share their secrets to a very close friend or family member.
Therefore, you might think that your ex boyfriend has moved on, when in fact he still wants you back. So how can you know for sure if your ex has moved on or not? The answer to that question is really simple. It's so simple that a lot of ladies won't even consider doing it because they are too proud to do it.
What's the answer you ask?
Well, simply asking your ex if he really is over you or not. If you don't see each other anymore then you can simply send him a text message. Alternatively you can ask one of his close friends if he has moved on or not.
Of course, I don't mean to say that you should have a direct approach and simply ask are you over me or not because that would sound too desperate. What you need to do is test the waters and see if there is any spark in him that can be ignited. You can simply send a text message saying
Hi, you were on my mind today, or
Just saying hi, or even
Just checking up on you, or send a text massage to his best friend asking him how is (your ex boyfriend name) doing?
Trust me, if there is anything at all, any love left in your ex boyfriends heart for you he will contact you too. Don't expect to him to come running to you though. He might simply send you a text massage replying to your text massage, or if you are lucky he might call or show up, but he still might not be that emotional at first.
Either ways, you should take advantage of any form of positive contact and then rebuild your relationship from that point. Remember men can't always express their feeling well by talking about them but their action can be louder than words at times. Try to read wisely into you ex boyfriend's actions and I hope you get him back pretty soon.

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