Do i really miss my ex or am i just lonley

Published: 15th July 2010
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Do you miss your ex, or are you just lonely?
we all need someone that we can call ''my own''. We all want to experience what we experienced once as teenagers. What we called love and everyone around us called puppy love.
Time goes by and everything changes except that little need inside us to love and be loved. However, even after we meet the one we thought was the one, things might just not work out. As its said life happens and we start to experience difficulties with the one we love.
These difficulties could be over money, or anything we think we can't stand about the other person. Then the dreaded break up happens and we go on our separate ways. Usually we just move on and think that life is better without our ex.
However there are times when we just lose it and break down and cry thinking why did we break up. We start thinking about our ex, we think about all the sweet things we did together and we wish if we could turn back time and be lovers again.
However before you start thinking about ways to get your ex back you should ask yourself the following.
Am I still in love with my ex or am I just lonely? Sometimes when you are lonely you get mixed emotions about your ex. Instead of thinking that you are just lonely you think that you still love your ex and that you want them back.
Does my ex still want me back? Just because your ex met someone new that doesn't mean that they moved on and totally forgot about you. We all cling to new people we meet right after we break only to break up at the end because it was just a rebound or a silly fling.
Will things be different if you get back to your ex? If you are planning to go back to your ex you should think about what resulted to the break up in the first place. If that reason is still there then chances are that you will break up again. Fix what needs to be fixed about the relationship then make the attempts to get back to your ex.
Once you answer those questions and decided that you are in fact missing your ex and not just lonely then you should make the attempts to contact your ex. There are things you should do and things you shouldn't do when contacting you ex. Visit the link below and get all the insider tips on how to contact your ex.

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